Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Biscuit and the Bucket

Biscuit has a new toy !?
Even after Nanna went hog wild at TOYS R US

She has laid clam to the red feeding bucket.
It was in the back of the Ranger during one of our rides
around the farm and a must have,
in a Gals wardrobe.

It is quite versatile, just right height for setting.
Perfect for carrying those girly essentials, cell phone, keys,
sippy cut, rocks.  Rocks are a big thing this week.

Biscuits favorite use is putting her snacks in it.
Yes!  Cheerios, Blueberries, Yogurt chips.
She love eating her little goodies from the bucket.

Your thinking right about now,
"Sam that buckets is dirty !!!"

Yes it is  ...  covered in "dirt", grain , molasses
and God know what else.

But I look at it as a step up.
She was putting them in Ranch Dogs dinner dish.

It's not like I let her drink water out of it .
That's what the hose is for.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Pretty Picture Monday

Not quite what you were expecting ?

It's hot, it's dry and even the mountain flowers 
are gone.

This is all I could fine,  the tall stock on this will 
be covered in little yellow flowers soon and 
will most likely be next weeks shot.

I think this is Skunk Cabbage, not sure.
I know by next week.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Pretty Picture Monday

"I love My Garden"
Just when I think the last blooms of Spring have been 
overwhelmed by Summer's heat, I am pleasantly surprised.

Friday, July 11, 2014

"Come on in, grab a cup of coffee and get caught up"

Glad you came by, hows your summer going?  The heat is unreal, 
even for California.  I've given up on trying to keep things green
and am working on just keeping thing alive.  Don't let the 
color of the orange trees fool you, they're stressed.
Water is my life right now, making sure garden, 
yard, orchard and critters have enough.

The young bull we have, seem to think the big game is to see how
many floats on the water tanks, he can break in a week. 
 Though he was sold ?  He needs some bigger and older bulls
to do some schooling on him.

And speaking of water, JS has announced he is running for a seat on
 our local water district board,  "South Feather Water and Power.

We're in the middle of a campaign !?!?!???
Oldest Son Shane is JS's campaign manager 
(having work in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Offices)
(Yes !!! I'm dropping names here)  His has experienced as to what 
papers and forms have to be filled out and how this all works.
He's got a tough job in front of him,  he already told his Dad
 and I that the hardest thing about this campaign is "Us"....
"I wonder what he means by that ?"

4th of July was pretty low key.  We spent it in the mountains at the
cabin.  JS's folks and my mom were up and Youngest Son Zach came 
for a day as well.  Had dinner one night with a group of friends, but 
didn't go to LaPorte for any of the festivities.  As a matter of fact 
I unplugged for the weekend, no phone, Kindle, computer or camera.

"Thank God for a deck of cards"

Two days a week the Biscuit comes to hang out with me.
We spend the day, watering the kitchen garden and eating all of 
Papa's raspberries.  Laundry, chasing turkeys in the Ranger, 
checking cows, reading her books, playing in the sprinkler and 
setting in Nanna's lap in the rocking chair watching the Disney 
channel till she falls asleep.  Two hardest days of the week !!!

That's about it around here.
What have you been up too...............  ;D

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Hotter Than a Popcorn Fart"

One of grandpa Lloyd's saying for the heat.
I don't know if it actually got up to 108 or 110 like was predicted,
but I can sure as heck tell you it was 100 and HOT !

 If you'r on Facebook with me, you know I'm outside fairly early,
 but it was to hot yesterday morning to get much done.
I watered what needed to be watered and spent the rest
 of the day in the house.  Ranch Dog wouldn't even
 come out of her hole, she has dug.

Felt a little wussy about it, but not enough to go back outside.

This morning was much cooler, so I worked in the kitchen garden all morning. 
 Weeded the strawberry bed and got everything watered good. 

Inside now getting the house picked up and then headed to town.
Hope it's not to hot where your at.