Monday, September 5, 2016

Good to be a Buck on Starr's Farm

 Spotted this little guy this morning, He was content and comfy.
Decided he was going to be there awhile, 
so setup the tripod and camera.   

It wasn't long before he had, had enough of me.

That worked out well, he moved over to the next row
 and joined up with these two.  

I couldn't be happier.  They were in no hurry to going anywhere
 and I was enjoy the camera time.  The bigger one even laid down.
I stepped away, hoping would all lay down, wasn't that lucky.

I watched them and they watched me.

And to my surprise this big boy comes and joins us.

This Guys been around for awhile, 
No matter what I did, there was no way he was going
 to turn and look at me.
They know they have a safe haven her on the farm,
but not taking any chances.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Photo Bombed

From time to time I throw out a handful of bird seed,
in a place that is in view from the kitchen window.
I like seeing all the little birds and the doves that hang out in the yard.

This lonely sunflower has come up along with a nice stand of corm,
so I thought I would play with the camera a little before it's gone.

Of course, if you get down on your knees, 
someone thinks it's all about them.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Morning Coffee with the Turkeys

Last night Hawk was setting in a tree screeching,
this morning he was still at it.  Camera in hand 
and full cup of coffee, I went looking for him.

Took my time walking down through the orchard, 
he was out front by the road and I didn't want to scare him off.

As I made my way from row to row, working towards 
the fence between the Orange and the Olive orchard,
I came face to face with mamma and baby turkeys.
Not sure who was more surprised,
 but I'm willing to bet it was me, 
as for now most of my coffee was on the ground

Three hens and six babies.
Once they decided I wasn't coming for them, 
they settled back to eating breakfast and I continued on 
my way to find Hawk.

No......  no photos of Hawk.
He was in the top of a Eucalyptus tree
 with branches all around, blocking him.
I did the next best thing and headed to the house 
for a fresh cup...   Maybe next time.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Turning Night to Day

The last week of April I attended "Shooting the West" 
The Nevada Photography Experience.

One of the classes I took was with Grant Kaye,
Landscape Astrophotography.  It was pretty cool!
or I should say "Pretty Damn Cool!!!
Standing out on the side of a mountain in the dark,
30 some degrees and the wind blowing and
"Glad I did it."

Basically, you get all set up and wait for the stars to come out.
Sometimes the clouds come first and keep coming.

The first photo is what I actually shot ,
not much there and as cold as it looks.
I liked the photo, so worked with it to 
 get what you see in the second photo.
Big differences.

This is the look we were going for in the class,
much better.  This summer when I'm up in the mountains,
I'm going to try it on my own.

If you would like to see more of Grant Kaye's go to

Click On Photos To Enlarge

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thunder Mountain Monument

Thunder Mountain is a unique place on Hwy 80 in Imlay Nevada.
Building began in the late 60s by Chief Thunder, Frank Van Zant, 
today five acres is owned and operated by his son Dan Van Zant.

There are many stories to explain why the Chief would take on such a project.
One account is that he had a dream, where a great big eagle swooped out 
of the sky and told him, "This is where I should build his nest."

 Another is that in the fall of 1968, Frank and his young bride's
1946 Chevy pickup truck broke down, he couldn't get it running again
and put up camp in the sagebrush. 

According to his son Dan, when his father was a boy he 
saw a bottle house somewhere around  Death Valley. 
 He fell in love with it and had always wonted to build one.
Now the monument is open to the public.

It's a fun place to stop, unload your ice chest, stretch  your legs, 
take photos.  If you like bottles, old rusty thing and
 cotton tail bunnies, you'll love it here.

For the full story go to 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Biscuits First Saddle

Biscuit is going to take riding lesson.
So while GG....   aka Grandma Don/ Mom  was at the ranch 
this past weekend, guess what she found.
"A Saddle"
 Funny thing, this isn't the  kids saddle we all know
and have no idea where this one came from, 
but it's just the right size.

She wiped it all down herself.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Cattle Guard"


Goats Gone Wild, Spring Break on the Farm

My friend Mike brought a few goats to feed off a small pen.
It's been going really well, even commented to JS,
" What eating machines these little guys are."
They've mowed the lot down in no time.

The problem with goats, is once they have eaten everything,
where they should....   they start looking for a new place!

And if that means over the BBQ.....  Hey! No problem!!

Picture me running around the backyard chasing one, 
while another is standing on the BBQ.

Thank goodness for grain, hay and folding tables.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Better late then never...
Finally have gotten snow in the Sierra Nevada's, so 
 New Years Day JS and I where able to go for a wonderful 
cross country snowmobile ride.
Beautiful day and the snow was great, about three feet that day.
We've had a couple more storms so there is about 4 to 5 feet now.
Road to the Morreville warming hut, over looking 
Little Grass Reservoir below.  Then we dropped off the face of the 
mountain, heading back to the cabin.   Didn't realize that we were about
a half a mile north of the trail we usually take and it was a little 
steeper then I like, but fun.....  Makes you a better rider.