Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video ?

Nice day yesterday, cloudy and a little windy but not to cold.
Took some time and had coffee with my friend Carol and her
grand baby Seth. What a cutey and good baby too.

Then to work out in the orchard. We usually start irrigating
in May and if you remember we had to stake the trees last
fall, because of the heavy fruit. Well all those stakes have
to come out, kind of a "what gos up must come down' sort
of thing. The orchard needs to be mowed also and I don't
want to be running over them. OK, this brings me to the
video or in this case no video. I have my camera with me
all the time and it has a video setting on it. The wind was
blowing the grass around and I thought it would be really
cool to video it. Well there are 4 videos in my camera
but I can't get them to load to my computer?

So....if any of you camera, computer wizards out there can help.

HELP !!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


These Beautiful Roses showed up Thursday for my
birthday, from our girl in Sweden, Lise.
"55" Ya, most women don't tell their age but I've
earned every year. I like dragging it out
for as long as I can. I usually proclaim an entire week
as my birthday, but only managed two days this year.

I don't like surprises, "I like gifts" but mostly I just Like
having time to myself. I usually pick a project around
our placed to get done (or fixed). This year its cleaning
up were we park the over flow, looking good too.

Daughter Dawn and I took a half day Thursday and
went to Chico for lunch and window shopping. Then
some girl time, Dawn made us appointments for pedicures
at the 20-10 Solon and Spa. It was the best, they have
little Jacuzzi tubs for your feet. I'll I needed was a
reclining chair and I could have napped all afternoon.

Both the boys call me to wish me happy birthday and
I had numerous birthday wishes on face book. Thank
you every one, that was a "nice surprise". That night,
Dawn and Cory and JS and I went for pizza and beer.

Friday Mon and I and friend Patty went to one of our
favorite places Mendon's Nursery plant shopping,
and Mexican food for lunch. Thanks Mom, Great Day!

That after noon I planted what I had bought, if your going
to play you have to pay. Speaking of paying, I spent all of
Saturday cleaning house for Easter, "dusting and mopping"
Sunday was a nice easy day spent with family.
It was a great birthday and Easter, Thanks to all of you.

Pretty Picture Monday

Friday, April 15, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

Spent yesterday cleaning, not the good spring cleaning
that my house needs, but got the big chunks. The old
barn is at the Daily ranch were we met for Cattlewomens.
It reminded me of Farm Friend Friday, that some of the
other bloggers are participation in . Photos of farming
and ranching life, so if you have a little time for
blog hopping, add it to you Fridays.

"Have A Great Weekend And I hope The Sun Is Shinning On You"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts, The Past Two Weeks

I can't believe we've been home from Mexico for two weeks.
Our first weekend back JS got a call from a cabin neighbor.
The snow was so heavy that is was causing damage to his roof.

Zach, Cory, Dawn and extra son Jeff went up and
"shoveled" it off for him. They were a tired bunch.

We had a nice warm spell for awhile. JS did tractor work
around the place and I sprayed along the road and fence
lines. The USDA Bug Guys came and inspected the
orchards. We have a healthy amount of good bugs,
and a few leaf miners, to just keep and eye on.

Working at cleaning the yards, this is the Big dog Run,
all mowed. This use to be the kids sheep pin for 4-H.
Now it's Ranch Dogs run.

Got the yard between and house and the shop clean.

It even got hot enough for a dip in the pool.

The yard is really pretty now lots of thing in bloom.

This last Sunday all of JS's family got together for
his Mom and Dads 62ND Anniversary. JS and his dad
have several of these old cars that they started
buying when JS was in high school this is the last one
to be restored. Their is one for each of the grand kids.

It rained most of yesterday Wednesday, so the ground is wet.
I'm going to be a good girl and stay in the house and clean.
My trucks in the shop, little stuff, so I'm grounded.

"CowBelle of the Year"

Tuesday the Butte County Cattlewomen honored
Sarah DeForest as our "Cowbelle of the Year"
not only for what Sarah offers to our county unite,
but what she does for the cattle industry as a whole.

Sarah grew up in ranching in Northern California and
Southern Oregon. Her father Tom, worked for various
ranches while mom Kathy looked after their growing
herd of commercial cattle, plus Sarah and her sister
Becky. Both girls learned and help with all aspects
of ranching life. Sarah's mom was involved with the
Lake County Oregon CowBelles, so both girls grew up
going to Beef Promotions and Cattlemen's and
Cattlewomen's events.

Sarah, Kathy, Grandma Grace DeForest and Tom

While in high school Sarah became very involved with
FFA. (Future Farmer of America) She attended college
at Chico State University majoring in Agriculture.
A freshman honors student and became involved in the
Young Cattlemen's Association. Grandma Grace
encouraged Sarah to enter the Yuba-Sutter County
Cattlewomen "Beef Ambassador Contest", where
she went on to place fourth in the national contest
in San Antonio, Texas. This encouraged Sarah to continue
in public speaking and added Communication as a minor.

Upon graduation form Chico in 2000, Sarah was hired
by the California Beef Council. Fast forward, today she is
the Director of Development for the School of
Agriculture at Chico State University.

Sarah remains involved with her parent's cattle operation
in Adin, CA. and is currently the CA. State Beef
Ambassador Chairperson. Sarah DeForest is not only
a great ambassador and spokesperson for the beef
industry, but is one of the finest people you will ever meet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stills, 4 points





Challenge, to stand in one place and take shots of the
4 points of the compass. We all have tendencies to
only look in one direction when we take photos.
For example sunsets, we never look behind us
to see how the sun light is shining on
objects such as trees, barns and so on.
I know I'm going to try it more often.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Everyday this ship sat out on the horizon, conjuring
up pirates, battles over treasures and maidens in
distress. Sometimes the sun would hit just right and
you could see the Jolly Rodger flying at the top of the
mass. At night after dark, completely outlined in
green lights it would glide into the harbor.
What a beautiful sight, perhaps the captain had
won the hart of the maiden on the high seas that day.

Then I found out if was the Booze Cruse.
Maidens in distress ?........most likely.
Yo Ho Ho and a Ship Full of Rum.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

The only thing that would make coming home
from vacation perfect, "Room Services" and
my tan to stop peeling off.